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SPRTV Welcomes The Colorado Sound to FM 94.3!

The Colorado Sound is a music discovery program of KUNC, the popular NPR-affiliate available on FM 88.1 and 90.7 in Summit County. CoSound is a public radio station offering diverse music and commercial-free programming. For more information on The Colorado Sound, visit this link: http://coloradosound.org/

SPRTV is a member-supported, non-profit organization that rebroadcasts public and commercial FM radio, and over-the-air antenna TV signals that are naturally blocked by the splendid mountains surrounding Summit County, Colorado.

SPRTV is managed by an all-volunteer working Board.

As a community broadcasting service, we strive to provide diverse and previously unavailable programming that enriches everyone who lives, works and vacations here – with minimal overlap with local FM radio stations and cable/satellite TV providers.

Our stations originate in the Denver area, Eagle and Summit Counties. Signals are captured at our electronics site on Bald Mountain and rebroadcast into Summit County.

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Summit Public Radio and TV is currently seeking new members to fill some vacancies on its Board of Directors. We especially welcome those with experience or interest in fundraising and/or marketing to help SPRTV grow its membership, or who have technical or engineering skills which are needed to maintain and develop existing and new technologies in rebroadcasting our public and commercial radio and TV stations. For more information on becoming a board member, kindly contact Terese at:TKpropmgmt@aol.com.

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