What We Do

More than 100 people enjoyed a great breakfast June 29 while supporting SPRTV; Thank you Elks Club. This year’s Pennsylvania Mine picnic/lecture has been cancelled because of Montezuma Road access problems. Please join us July 26 for the NRO/BMF InSync concert reception. See Events.

SPRTV is a member-supported, all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rebroadcasts public and commercial FM radio, and over-the-air antenna TV signals that are naturally blocked by the awesome mountains surrounding Summit County, Colorado.

SPRTV is managed by an all-volunteer working Board.

As a community broadcasting service, we strive to provide diverse and previously unavailable programming that enriches everyone who lives, works and vacations here – with minimal overlap with local FM radio stations and cable/satellite TV providers.

Our stations originate in the Denver area, Eagle and Summit Counties. Signals are captured at our electronics site on Bald Mountain and rebroadcast into Summit County.

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Our Challenges

Our electronics site at 12,600 ft. on Bald Mountain provides great signal coverage for Summit County.

However, due to the high elevation and harsh weather, maintaining and improving our facility is costly.

Without the hard work of our volunteers and the financial generosity of our supporting members, over half of the FM radio stations and all the free, over-the-air antenna TV channels would disappear from Summit County.

We do not receive funding from the stations/channels we rebroadcast. Nor do we receive any annual operating funds from groups like NPR and PBS; or state, county or local town governments.

We rely 100% on donations from our listeners and viewers … Like you!




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Current Status

June 19, 2004 — Gary’s back, made it up to the site and was able to restore KBCO (94.3, adult rock and roll from Denver) and Ion Television (10.3), so all TV and FM radio stations other than KUVO should be broadcasting properly.

May 6, 2014 — We are currently having problems transmitting KUVO (89.7 public radio jazz). We think the problem has to do with a periodic microwave signal interfering with our reception of the incoming signal. We are working with KUVO to figure out and correct the problem. We have also been having problems with KUNC (88.1 and 90.7), but expect to have those corrected shortly.

February 22, 2014 — Because of the difficulties with the channel10 TV translator during cold, windy weather–which we seem to have a lot of lately–we have temporarily moved CBS/Denver 4 and NBC/Denver 9 to channel 8. So you should now have no trouble watching the remainder of the Olympics and can even get captions for it. The temporary new lineup is thus:

8-3    CBS Denver 4

8-4    NBC Denver 9

10-1 Channel 2 Denver (unchanged)

10-2  ABC Denver 7

10-3  Ion

10-4  Ion Life

Note that the “pcip” giving channel information has not been changed, so go by this and not the indicator that may show on your screen. All other channels stay the same.


February 9, 2014 — As you can imagine, Mt. Baldy can be a rather hostile environment on cold, windy nights—for electronic equipment as well as for people.  When the weather is bad and the temperature drops too much in the equipment building, the channel 10 TV translator (Denver channels 2, 4, 7, and 9) will sometimes move to a reduced power cycle.  If you are on the fringe of the reception area, you may lose the signal during these times.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  We expect to resolve the problem in the late spring to early summer timeframe.


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