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Become a Supporting Member of SPRTV

SPRTV can only keep its FM/HD radio and DTV stations on-the-air through contributions from our listeners and viewers.  Like you!

If you are not currently a Supporting Member you can join in one of two ways:

1. Complete our Membership Form and mail it to us with your contribution. Our Membership Form is located here. Simply print it, fill it out, and mail it to us.

2. Make a contribution via credit card.

Either way you choose, check or credit card, you become a Supporting Member of Summit Public Radio and help us stay on the air.


Supporting Members – Want to Make an Additional Contribution?

We thank you for your continuing support over the years. We can’t stay on-the-air without you.

To make an additional contribution by check, click here, and update your information via our Membership Form. Simply print out the form, update your information, enclose your check and mail it to us.

To make an additional contribution using a credit card, click here, and follow the instructions.